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Sales Team Afternoon Tea Sharing

Time:2016-06-09 Views:199
      Sales Team Afternoon Tea Sharing

Afternoon tea can be traced back to England in the 17th century. It has been extended to now days and it has become a leisure habit for modern people. Enjoy tea while eating Western-style cakes and fruits. Afternoon tea became popular in China. With the fusion of catering cultures everywhere, it has quietly developed around the world.

Afternoon tea here is not a traditional sense of drinking tea and eating snacks. It is a form of tea that has evolved in the afternoon and combines Chinese tea with spiritual food. This form is often expressed in tea parties, etc.
The company conducts afternoon tea events on the theme of “sharing positive energy” on every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. It aims to promote team building through this opportunity and facilitate the exchange of emotions.

Pur company specializes in the development and production of endoscopes camera and otoscope for over 10 years. Products include industrial WIFI endoscopes camera,USB endoscope camera, LCD borescope and health-care ear otoscopes.

1. From the perspective of the company, the development of afternoon tea sharing sessions for employees helps to urge employees to work harder and urge them to continue thinking and summarizing. Every employee must share, and the content shared must be related to his work, business, and team building. At least it must be related to the improvement of the overall quality of employees. To get everyone to present themselves in front of the team, they must be prepared for the next time. Most of the prepared materials come from work;
2. From the perspective of the company‘s business, it will help improve the business level and improve business processing capabilities.
Team members showed mixed performances in several aspects. They learned from others‘ experience sharing, learned the actual experience of others, learned lessons, exercised their verbal skills, responded to questions from team members at the sharing meeting, and dealt with possible emergencies;

3.From the perspective of employee training, it is beneficial to improve the personal qualities of employees and to lay a solid foundation for the building of talents. The company‘s middle managers, especially the heads of business units, can hope to select through internal training. In addition to business knowledge, employees‘ afternoon tea sharing sessions are financed and administrative departments share more management skills, methods, and related professional business knowledge. Through the afternoon tea sharing sessions, they continuously instill relevant concepts, concepts, methods and methods. 

4. From the perspective of individual employees, it helps to improve the ability of individuals to express, think and solve problems. Through the sharing of afternoon tea sharing sessions, to improve the ability of individual language expression; In the process of preparing to share material, to promote its continuous thinking and summing up, and continue to find problems; Answer various questions of colleagues in the interactive session, reaction speed and resilience Get some exercise.
The purpose or benefits of the sharing meeting are explained. According to the company‘s business workload and schedule, the “Employee Afternoon Tea Sharing Session” will be held every Tuesday and Friday at 15:00 pm. It will be shared by one colleague each week and the sharing time will be 30. In minutes, the form of sharing can be PPT presentation, speech, scenario simulation, and so on.
This activity has been going on for two and a half months. The essays, language expressions, on-site charisma, professional skills, etc. displayed by each sharer are something that we don’t normally see or rarely see. This is also a job. Surprise in it.
Work continues, sharing continues, we have always insisted and strive to do our best.