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What are the classifications of industrial endoscope camera and repair endoscopes?

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Industrial endoscope camera and repair endoscopes‘ s classifications 
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Industrial Endoscope camera Introduction: Industrial endoscope camera is a kind of visual inspection in non-destructive testing. The biggest difference between industrial endoscopy and other non-destructive testing methods is that it can directly reflect the inner and outer surfaces of the detected object, and does not require the comparison of data or the skills and experience of the tester to determine the presence or absence of a defect. At the same time of testing, we can use industrial endoscope equipment to perform dynamic video recording or photographic recording of the entire inspection process, and can quantitatively analyze the defects,and measure the length and area of defects.
Industrial Endoscopy Applications: In general, industrial endoscope camera is widely used in various industries, including the development and manufacture of machinery, chemicals, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, railway engineering vehicles, and transportation vehicles. The application of industrial endoscope cameras can also be found in different areas such as maintenance and repairment, even in the construction of engineering, such as the construction and maintenance of bridges and tunnels.
Industrial endoscope camera classification:
Industrial endoscopes are classified by basic categories: Wifi endoscope, USB endoscope, and hand-held LCD video borescope;
Industrial endoscopes are classified according to the appearance materials: soft cable endoscopes, rigid endoscopes;
The soft cable endoscope can be further divided into: digital video endoscope and optical fiber endoscope;
The rigid endoscope can be further divided into: digital rigid endoscope and optical endoscope;
Classified according to imaging principles: electronic endoscope, optical fiberscope, optical endoscope;
Classified by using: video digital endoscope, portable endoscope, digital endoscope, pipe endoscope, visual endoscope, engine endoscope, flame endoscope, high temperature endoscope , micro-hole endoscopes, hole detectors etc.
Here I will briefly introduce three types of digital endoscopes, optical fiber borescopes, and optical rigid endoscopes.  
1. Digital endoscope camera: Video digital endoscope is a new type of non-destructive testing instrument for internal quality inspection, detection and analysis of cavity integrating light, machine and electricity. Advanced high-resolution digital color CCD optocoupler to ensure clear and realistic video endoscope images.High-brightness LED illumination source avoids attenuation of long-distance transmission brightness, ensuring sufficient light source for video endoscopes. The industrial-grade LCD monitor can realize real-time monitoring of the device be inspected.High-definition screen, wide viewing angle can improve the inspection quality and reduce the operator‘s work intensity; At the same time, the built-in storage module, SD card storage, can check the image taking, record video,view picture,and delete picture.It can effectively save and record the image. 
Using and application: Video endoscope is mainly  used for toxic, harmful and narrow space that can not be reached  by routine inspection. It can easily and effectively check the corrode, crack, welding, foreign matter in complex pipeline,interior item of cast work, and detailed inspection of the processing of parts and components. At the same time, it is widely used in the field of special equipment inspection such as machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace, electric power construction, railway ship, automobile industry, engineering construction, boiler and pressure vessel, military reconnaissance. 
2. Optical fiber endoscope: The optical fiber endoscope adopts the principle of optical fiber light transmission and image transmission,through the eyepiece to observe the place of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and the place that human eye can not observe. It can easily and quickly check various machinery, equipment, confidential casting, assembly of the interior of the object, no need to disassemble or destroy the device that inspected. It is also possible to form a camera, video camera and image processing system by conversing the interface of camera, therefore realize the inspection, recording, and analysis of inspections. 
Using and application of inspection endoscope: Mainly used for inspection of precision machining, military manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, small hole in small equipment, internal conditions of small gaps, wear and tear of mechanical gear parts, looseness, quality inspection of grease pump. 
3, Optical rigid endoscope camera: optical rigid endoscope camera uses optical lens imaging, direct mirror of optical fiber light transmission, steel small insertion tube can enter a narrow gap. The effective working diameter is φ1mm~φ10mm, the working length is 175mm~1000mm, and the observation direction is 0°, 30°, 70°, 90°. The interchangeable tube with different viewing angles allows easy inspection of different seams.
With the advancement of manufacturing technology and industrial equipment technology, the requirements for product quality are more stringent, and industrial endoscope camera will play a greater role in different industries!