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What are the advantages of industrial endoscopy versus manual testing?

Time:2016-05-06 Views:192

Industrial endoscopy‘s advantages versus manual testing?
As we all know, a great advantage of industrial endoscope camera is that they can replace manual detection in very harsh environments. What are the advantages of industrial endoscope camera versus manual inspection? What are the requirements for using environment of industrial endoscope cameras?
The industrial endoscope camera can use the configured high-definition color CCD to freeze, record, enlarge, analyze, measure, etc. The small parts of the device to be inspected, and feedback many small defects and injuries that are invisible to the naked eye. It greatly compensates for the defects of manual inspection and greatly improves the efficiency of maintenance equipment.
In addition, many areas of high temperature and high pressure and toxic radiation, borescope camera can replace the manual operation to carry out inspection work, providing great convenience for the inspection.
Although industrial endoscope camera can adapt to more harsh environments than manual inspections, industrial endoscope cameras have some requirements for the environment. Industrial inspection cameras are small in size and easy to carry, and can work in many kinds of complicated environment. However, the inspection result is likely to cause some problem when strong electromagnetic interference or severe voltage fluctuations occur around the endoscope camera.
In the process of using, it is necessary to ensure that the flexible probe of the industrial endoscope camera is normal. Excessively low temperature or ultra-high temperature will affect the normal detection of the device. In order to ensure the quality of the image presented by the test, the detection process is preferably in the light,  and  in more comfortable and quiet indoors.