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Using of WiFi endoscope camera - prohibited for voyeurism

Time:2017-09-04 Views:196

WiFi endoscope camera using- prohibited for voyeurism

The initial loyalty of any product we developed is to facilitate people‘s daily life, but it is absolutely need to eliminate some illegal people for improper using.
The era of WIFI endoscope camera 1.0 is to the use of a small endoscope with a small lens within 5MM to achieve long-distance wireless viewing, which greatly facilitates the narrow space that people could not view directly, but also has a problem. 1.0 era is generally VGA resolution, 300,000 pixels, can barely see but can not see very clearly, this is related to its main program, the original program performance is weak, large heat, can not transmit long-distance high-definition video. Now let us introduce a new program for wifi endoscope camera.
The wifi endoscope camera that NHW launched, compared with the 1.0 era, the whole system is more stable, the transmission of pixels can be up to 8.0 megapixels. Can see every detail clearly, the distance can reach 40cm, the heat is also greatly reduced and thus improved the endurance of the endoscope, it can be equipped with 5MM or 8.5MM camera lens.
WIFI endoscope inspection camera 2.0 era gives you a clear insight into every small micro-space. In field of municipal, industrial, medical and so on, all can be benefit through the endoscopes. It really facilitates people‘s production and life greatly. High-tech is used to serve the right path, Prohibited to use at the wrong place.