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The importance of choosing an industrial endoscope camera lens

Time:2015-07-17 Views:194
The importance of choosing an industrial endoscope camera lens

As an important part of the endoscope camera, the industrial endoscope lens is equivalent to the replacement of the human eye. In the place that the human eye cannot observe, if there is no lens, then the detected thing is a mess, there is no clarity. Its quality seriously affects the accuracy of non-destructive testing.

Industrial endoscope camera lenses are optical lenses, commonly be called as cameras or photographic lenses, whose function is optical imaging. The lens is an important component in the machine vision system and plays a key role in image quality. It has an impact on several most important indicators of image quality, including resolution, contrast, depth of field and various aberrations. Not only are there a wide variety of lenses, but the quality is also very different.

According to different technical parameters, industrial endoscope camera lenses are divided into CMOS and CCD lenses, the difference is:
1. Sensitivity contrast: CMOS sensitivity is much lower than CCD, so the imaging capabilities are also very different.
2. Size: CMOS can be expanded in size, and its sensor can be made very large, which is also the reason of the low sensitivity.
3. Speed: CMOS sensor speed is very fast, complicated processing is no required, and the image can be directly presented on the display.
Some users often pay insufficient attention to the selection of industrial endoscope camera lenses when designing the system, resulting in failure to obtain ideal images and even leading to system development failure. Therefore, when you choose an endoscope, first, you must understand how to choose a high quality camera lens. A good camera lens will bring a lot of convenience to your work and provide more protection for the test data.