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Refused to blind ear pick! The new generation of ear pick camera - otoscope, which removes earwax completely, safe and refreshing!

Time:2017-11-21 Views:126
Ear pick camera - otoscope
Refused to blind ear pick! The new generation of , ear pick camera - otoscope
which removes earwax completely, safe and refreshing!

Are you still using this Ear-pick? Actually, it is a big knowledge . The structure of the ears is actually unknown to many people. Therefore, the blind ear pick can easily cause damage to the ears. Some people even have eardrum perforation infections, and some people have ear Ear canal cholesteatoma. Use a cotton swab to pick your ears,the earwax will be pushed deeply into the ear canal, it may cause inflammation and itching of the ear, and may even cause otitis externa! In the final analysis, it is because we can‘t see our ear canal! This is a bad injury!

But we can not leave earwax in the ear! Too many earwax will also affect the health of the ear canal. Who can bear to give up the enjoyment of the ear? Ear-pick is both enjoyable thing and cleansing the ear canal. 

NUOHENGXING wireless ear camera otoscope with medical grade is developed by 
our company. With it, everyone can become an ear care expert!

Why people will enjoy ear pick?

The ear canal is the third area of excitement. The sympathetic nerve is the second only to the reproductive organs. 
Ear pick can not only clean up excess earwax, but also maintain healthy hearing, relax and relieve stress.
Built-in Blu-ray high-definition endoscope camera module, dust-proof and anti-fog, small eyes good vision. Lens and COMS precision is extremely high and clear, illuminate the ear canal, so that the earwax can be cleared completely.

This wireless otoscope ear camera or endoscope camera for ear can even be used to inspect the nose, mouth or teeth, so that if you have fangs, you can find it in time, and avoid the pain of toothache.

Connected with mobile phone, You can see inside of the ear canal clearly through this ear camera otoscope. With this wireless otoscope, I am no longer afraid that I will hurt my ear when ear pick. 

This wireless otoscope not only have powerful function, but also have good appearance! It is portable, can be put in the bag or hold in the hand. It is super textured.