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NHX Industrial Endoscope Camera tell you: How long does the car engine need maintenance?

Time:2014-07-27 Views:131
                                   NHX Industrial Endoscope Camera tell you: How long does the car engine need maintenance?

As cars become popular, more and more cars require maintenance and repair. While for car’s maintenance and repair, many people directly sent to 4S stores after driving to a certain mileage. To the car owners, it is very necessary to know some of the knowledge about using the endoscope camera for maintenance. Now, NHX Industrial Endoscope camera will explain the cleaning of car‘s carbon deposits for you. 

1. What is carbon deposit?
The carbonaceous material formed under the action of high temperature 
by the fuel in the engine internal combustion engine not fully burned, or the colloidal substance that cannot be completely burned in the gasoline, remains in the fuel injector, the oil pipeline, the fire plug, and the like.

2. The type of carbon deposit.
1) carbon deposits in the valve and combustion chamber;
2) carbon deposits in the intake pipe;
3) Other.

3. What will increase carbon production?
1) low quality gasoline;
2) Traffic jams, bad driving habits;
3) Gas oil.

4. How to clean up carbon deposits?
First of all, it is normal for the engine to produce carbon deposits. All cars will have a certain amount of carbon deposits. It is also unavoidable. The carbon deposits is not formed by one or two days, but the accumulation of carbon day by day, it will cause the engine does not work, the power will not be strong enough, the overall acceleration feels weak. The car is not only need be repaired but also maintenance is more important. The car usually runs around 40,000 kilometers and is going to do carbon cleaning.
The NH industrial endoscope camera can effectively detect carbon deposits, and can also detect automobile parts such as engines, pistons and valves to meet more needs. NH industrial endoscope camera is your best choice for maintenance car.
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