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Integrated hand-held industrial endoscope camera makes inspection easier

Time:2017-08-10 Views:194

Integrated hand-held industrial endoscope camera makes inspection easier
Industrial endoscope camera can often be very helpful when inspector is inconvenient to enter into the detected place or can not observe directly with the naked eye. The small and flexible probe pipe camera replaces the inspector, to get the internal video image of the device to be inspected, and the inspector can view the display in real time. Based on this working principle, when purchasing industrial endoscope borescope , people tend to pay more attention to the definition and  the pixels of industrial endoscopy imaging, and ignore other performance. In fact, for industrial endoscopes, lighting, guidance, integrated hand-held design, crafts, etc. are all important, today we will introduce you to the integrated hand-held design of borescopy.
The early industrial endoscope camera adopt the split-type design. The operating handle and the display screen were separated. Therefore, the inspector often need to find a support platform at the site, or build a test bench by themselves, and then fix the display on the platform through the bracket, then can start the test. It seems that this process is easy, but for multiple detection in the field or in more complex inspection location, it will increase inspectors’ workload greatly. Each time a test location is changed, the above operations need to be repeated, which is time consuming and laborious. With the development of endoscopy detection technology and the improvement of product integration, integrated hand-held industrial endoscope camera have been birth, which solves the above problems well.
The integrated hand-held design of endoscope, as its name suggests, is abandoning the split type, integrating the operating handle and the display screen, is light and portable, which is convenient for the tester to hold in the hand, and can move freely at different inspection place or detection points. It is unnecessary to set up a test bench, and reduce the work intensity of the testers, to make the test easier, and on the other hand, to improve the detection efficiency. Take the NHY industrial endoscope borescope product NHX280 as an example. Let‘s take a look at the features of the integrated hand-held industrial endoscope:
High integration. The probe camera is integrated with the display screen and it is hand-held. The probe camera can be completely placed in the storage box. The handle and the screen are combined with the main unit, it is a friendly design borescope. The compact size makes it easy to place or carry. Light weight make the tester hold the hand easily. Rechargeable lithium battery power supply, working time can reach more than 4 hours.
From above saying, the advantages of the integrated hand-held industrial endoscope camera are obviously. But if you abandon some functions in order to pursue the integrated design, this is not the effect that the tester hopes, and the integration can be achieved. Industrial endoscopes borescopy combine portability and powerful features are the ultimate goal. The NHX industrial video endoscope NHX280 satisfies the above requirements in two aspects. It not only adopts an integrated hand-held portable design, but also has the features such as illumination, image definition and probe .
The integrated hand-held industrial endoscope borescope camera makes the detection easier and powerful function.