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Industrial endoscopy testing environmental requirements and technical characteristics

Time:2015-08-20 Views:115
Industrial endoscopy testing environmental requirements and technical characteristics
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Some people thought that the inspection of industrial pipe endoscopy is easy, and usually, didn’t pay much attention to the using environment. But there is some requirement to the environment and technical characteristics.

First, the environmental requirements for pipeline endoscopy camera:

1. Pipeline video endoscopy is not suitable for underwater operation. When the conditions on site cannot meet the requirement, should take some measures to reduce the water level to ensure that the water level in the pipeline is not more than 20% of the pipe diameter.

2. When the water level in the pipeline does not meet the requirements of the pipeline endoscope camera, should block and divert the pipeline before testing, so that the water level in the pipeline meets the testing requirements.

3. The pipeline to be tested should be unblocked and cleaned before structural testing.

4. The test should be stopped immediately when one of the following conditions occurs:
4.1 The pipe endoscope camera lens cannot walk in the pipe or the push rod cannot go forward in the pipe;
4.2 When the pipe endoscope camera lens is stained with dirt;
4.3 When the pipe endoscopy lens is immersed in the water;
4.4 When the pipe to be tested is full of fog, affecting the image quality;
4.5 Other reasons, cannot be detected normally.

, the technical requirements for pipeline endoscopy.

The basic performance of the pipeline endoscopy testing equipment should meet the following requirements:
1 The camera lens should have a flat sweep, rotation, tilt, rotate and zoom function, the height of the camera lens should be adjustable freely;
2. The length of the propulsion line is above 120 meters, which can be retracted and waterproof.
3. The main controller should have the function of displaying the date and time synchronously, pipe diameter, travel distance within the pipe, etc. on the monitor, should be able to perform data processing;
4. The intensity of the light should be adjustable;
5. The equipment to be tested should be strong structurally and well sealed, and can work normally under the temperature of 0 °C ~ +50 °C and in a humid environment;
6. The equipment to be tested should have the distance measuring function, and the measuring unit of the cable counter should not exceed 0.1m.