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Industrial endoscopes’ role in overhauling engines of auto repair

Time:2014-05-08 Views:141
             Industrial endoscopes’ role in overhauling engines of auto repair

At present, the increasingly competitive auto repair shops and maintenance factories often encounter such problems: when some cars go through non dis-assembly cleaning, they cannot visually show the improvement of the car performance (except the exhaust gas test).When the car owner asked this question, the maintenance worker can only answer like that the car is fuel-efficient, the acceleration performance is enhanced, the exhaust gas is qualified, and the internal combustion of the engine is removed.However, the actual effect can not be achieved, it is depends on the driver to drive for a period of time or by feeling, can not be intuitively seen where the performance of the car is strengthened. Some car owners joked that: You open the engine to see if it clears the carbon deposit? Although it is a joke, he is not over emend this question. There are still many such examples. So how do you solve this problem completely?

In fact, it is very simple, the use of "automotive electronic video endoscope" is the key to solve the problem. Automotive electronic video endoscopes are new types of non-destructive testing instruments that combine electronics, optical technology and precision machinery. It uses a CCD chip that displays the observed image directly on the monitor. The lens cable is also soft and bendable, with high resolution, vivid color, accurate shape of the detected part, and long effective detection distance. It is coupled with a video recorder to form a camera and video system, which can monitor, record, store and analyze the field of view. Therefore, it is widely used in the automotive industry and the aircraft industry for its engine block, gearbox and cooling system. In particular, quality inspections are performed before and after the non dis-assembly cleaning.

Nowadays, there are three kinds of car endoscope camera produced in China: one is a simple endoscope camera, which is to look directly at the lens to observe the inside of the engine. The advantage is that the price is low and the use is convenient. The disadvantage is that the image cannot be saved, and the maintenance worker can only observe with one eye, which is difficult to see clearly. The other is an endoscope with a monitor and a video recording function.

It can see the internal of the engine on the monitor very directly, the observation surface is large, the viewing angle is wide, and the observation results at that time can be recorded, and the price is reasonable. The third is an electronic video  endoscope that uses a pinhole camera to connect directly to the end of the lens. Such endoscopes can also do recording and printing, but the cost is too high, and is generally used in the automotive manufacturing industry, even in the aircraft industry.

For the above reasons, it is recommended to use the second industrial endoscope camera with video recording function. It has a good visual effect and can store observations. Maintenance workers can try this: Before doing car engine cleaning, use the endoscope camera to observe the internal of the engine and record it. The observation point should be more and the surface should be wider, especially in places with carbon deposits. Can also make the owner see it very clearly. After the car has been cleaned, observe the internal condition of the engine again and record it, so that the owner can compare the video with the previous unwashed. Of course, the premise of this is that the engine non dis-assembly cleaning equipment is of reliable quality and the quality of the cleaning fluid must be qualified. In this way, even if the owner is not on the scene, but when you pick up the car, you can see the effect of the car before and after cleaning, will be satisfied, and very convinced.

Of course, automotive electronic video endoscopes can be used not only to observe the internal conditions of the engine, but also to perform many other inspections, including observing engine cylinder cracks, gearbox internal conditions, and water tanks and places that can be touched but not visible . Its key use is to avoid the trouble of dis-assembly the device, see the cause of the car visually , I believe it will make your fault detection more convenient and intuitive.
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