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Industrial endoscope cameras - the main influencing factors of equipment testing

Time:2014-10-14 Views:128
Industrial endoscope cameras
 - the main influencing factors of equipment testing

We all know that endoscope camera plays important roles in equipment testing, but how it will influence the factor of testing? Let us do some analysis. 

1. Lighting conditions. Endoscope camera testing mostly uses an endoscope with its own light source for illumination. Under normal conditions, the endoscope is required to detect that the color temperature of the illumination source is not less than 5600K, and the illumination intensity is not less than 2600lm.

2. Probe position and angle. It is usually the best to observe images within the range of 5 to 25 mm from the detection area, so it is often necessary to make the endoscopic probe as close as possible to the observation subject. The probe and the observation plane can achieve better observation in the range of 45 ゚~90 ,. In practical operation, the position and angle of the probe and the observation point are repeatedly changed in order to find the best suitable observation position, and the best detection effect.

3. Channel. When selecting a channel, it should be as close as possible to the position to be detected. Select the channel with the shortest length to minimize the number and degree of bending of the endoscope probe. First, it should consider the channel from top to bottom and from high to low. Priority to choose the wide channel.It is recommended to use tooling set. To ensure the correct direction of the endoscope probe ; it should be carried by the method of observation and passing  at the same time in the channel.

4. Distortion of the image. Observing the deformation phenomenon caused by the object through the endoscope lens, the image is distorted as the distance increases from the center of the endoscope camera lens to the edge. Distortion of the image will have an impact on the judgment and measurement of the defection. The distortion of the image is larger when observed by the straight mirror and the fiber endoscope, while the video endoscope camera can be corrected by the computer.

5. Resolution, magnification, minimum defects detectable . These are the technical indicators of the endoscope camera itself, which can affect the results of the detection directly. 

6. The reflectivity of the surface of the object. Different object surfaces have different reflectivities, which are related to the material of the object and the roughness of the surface. Therefore, the actual detection should be based on the specific circumstances of the endoscope illumination to obtain clear and useful results.

Hope through these introduction of Nature of endoscope camera, it can help you to use endoscope camera correctly when do inspection.