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Industrial endoscope camera ‘s non-destructive testing

Time:2015-08-11 Views:127
Industrial endoscope camera ‘s non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing in industrial endoscopes, also known as non-destructive testing, it means to use reaction change of the heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, etc caused by abnormalities or defects in the internal structure of the object without damaging or affecting the performance of the object being tested, by means of physical or chemical means, with the help of modern technology and equipment, to inspect the type, nature, quantity, type and quantity of the internal and surface of the tested object. 

Industrial endoscopy non-destructive testing features

There are five characteristics of Industrial endoscopy nondestructive testing as following:

1.Non-destructive means to remove the defective products without damage the inner part of detected object. 

2. Mutual compatibility
Mutual compatibility refers to the mutual compatibility of the test methods. The same part can adopt different test methods simultaneously or sequentially; and the same test can be repeated.


Dynamicity means that non-destructive testing of endoscope camera can inspect the parts in using, and can investigate the cumulative effects of the product‘s operating period timely, thereby obtaining the failure mechanism of the machine structure.

4. Strictness

Non-destructive testing of endoscope camera has strict technical requirements: First, non-destructive testing requires special instruments and equipment, and also requires specially trained inspectors to operate in accordance with strict procedures and standards.
5. Differences of test results

The divergence of the test results means that different testers may have different opinions on the test results of the same test object. Especially in the case of ultrasonic inspection, the same inspection project should be completed by two inspectors.

Non-destructive testing tool that is endoscope camera testing is an indispensable and effective tool for industrial development. It reflects the level of industrial development of a country to a certain extent. Its importance has been recognized and it will have a very broad space for development in many countries.

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