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Industrial Endoscope camera’s application in Railway Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Time:2015-05-05 Views:129
Industrial Endoscope camera’s application in Railway Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

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The railway industry is developing faster and faster at nowadays life. At the same time, the railway industry has higher requirements for the quality and efficiency of railway vehicle maintenance and repair. Therefore, Some countries Ministry of Railways has reformed the railway vehicle maintenance system, in response to the actual situation of vehicle maintenance work in the railway market, extended the period of factory repair, and shortened the time of vehicle maintenance. Therefore, how to improve the efficiency of maintenance work to ensure the quality of railway car maintenance maximize. It has become a concern of many railway vehicle maintenance workers. Here I would like to introduces a new type of railway vehicle maintenance testing tool and its application in railway vehicle maintenance. This testing tool is industrial endoscope camera. 

The biggest difference between industrial endoscope camera and other non-destructive testing methods is that it can reflect the internal and external surfaces of the object being inspected directly, no  need to compare the data or the skill and experience of the inspectors to determine the defects. And at the same time of testing, we can use industrial endoscope camera to perform dynamic video recording or photographic recording for the entire inspection process, and can quantitatively analyze the defects found, and measure the length and area of defects.

In general, industrial endoscope camera is widely used in the railway industry. It involves the development and manufacture of railway engineering vehicles and transportation vehicles, maintenance and overhaul, and even in the infrastructure of railways, such as bridges and tunnels. The application of industrial endoscopes can also be found in construction and maintenance. Then in the maintenance work of railway vehicles, the main applications of endoscope camera inspection include gearboxes, hollow horizontal axles, electric motors, bogie side frames, bolsters and shock absorb springs, air conditioning ventilation system and other aspects.

Endoscope camera to do gearbox inspection
With the use and operation of the locomotive, it is inevitable that the traction gear box will have gear wear and occlusion problems, and the serious situation may even lead to the scrapping and derailment of the gear box. Using the industrial endoscope detection method, By the insertion tube of the bendable guide, to enter the inside of the gear box through the oil quantity observation port of the gear box, and the gear condition to check the bottom of the gear box if there is the presence of foreign matter. This type of inspection can very intuitively represent the inside of the gearbox, and through the image recording function of the industrial endoscope camera , we can photo-record the detected conditions and achieve the remote diagnosis.

Endoscope camera to do traction motor inspection
The traction motor of the car is usually installed at the bottom of the locomotive. It not only starts and stops frequently, but also has large vibration during operation, the installation space is narrow, It also has to withstand wind, sand, rain, snow and dust. The use conditions are very bad, so it is very easy to malfunction. Generally speaking, the fault of the motor is mainly caused by the motor ring fire (caused by the motor entering the oil or the defective brush), the insulation is broken, the bearing is worn, the winding group or the lead wire is broken, and the brush frame is broken. During the repair period, we need to disassemble the motor completely to finish the inspection. However, after using the industrial endoscopy camera, we can insert the industrial endoscope through the maintenance window or cooling hole to check the oil and carbon deposit, bearing and lead conditions inside the motor. 

Endoscope camera to do hollow shaft inspection
With the promotion and application of electrified high-speed trains, the application of wheel-to-shafts has become very extensive. The inspection of hollow shafts is generally carried out by ultrasonic flaw detection equipment for flaw detection. When Corrupted, corroded, worn and other suspicious parts are found, using an industrial endoscope camera to penetrate into the inside of the hollow shaft, the suspicious parts of the damage are inspected fully. Due to the observation amplification effect of the industrial endoscopy, the staff can even use the random application soft machine of the industrial endoscope camera at the inspection site. After completing the picture and video recording, the defect can be rechecked by the computer in the studio. To establish the backup of the detection file, and re-measured the defect, so that the detection work is more accurate, and the tracking and re-examination comparison work can be achieved.

Borescope to do internal combustion engine carbon deposition detection
If there is carbon deposit on the exhaust valve of Diesel engine of diesel locomotive, it will reduce the effective power of the internal combustion engine and consume fuel. The industrial video endoscope can be used for internal engine inspection by inserting the spark plug into the cylinder.

Other inspection of endoscopy camera
In addition to some of the inspection applications of endoscope camera mentioned above, industrial video endoscopes are also used in many inspections. For example, inspection of the air conditioning ventilation system of the passenger compartment, inspection of the diesel internal combustion gearbox of the maintenance locomotive, inspection of the door system of the urban rail vehicle, quality inspection of the railway infrastructure such as tunnels, construction of the bridge, and aging inspection.

Now Video scope camera are playing more and more roles in peoples life.