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Industrial endoscope camera - important members of Nondestructive testing

Time:2015-02-27 Views:194

Industrial endoscope camera - 
important members of Nondestructive testing

As an indispensable member of non-destructive testing, industrial endoscope camera are widely used in many industrial fields. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is also called nondestructive testing. Non-destructive testing skills were introduced to China in the 30th century. Many researchers have devoted themselves to the study and discussion of non-destructive testing skills. Now nondestructive testing has been widely used in car production,repair occupation, industrial equipment production, processing, protection and special inspection and so on. NDT methods commonly used are: visual inspection, radio inspection, magnetic particle detection, ultrasonic testing, liquid saturation testing, leakage testing, and whirlpool testing. Among them, visual inspection is the method of visual inspection by various optical instruments or equipment, for example, the use of industrial endoscopes camera for detection is a common method of visual inspection.

Industrial endoscope camera have been used as an important instrument for NDT testing since the 1970s, mainly for repairs. Later, in the mid-1980s, endoscopes were continuously used in NDT operations in many industries such as mechanical production, petrochemicals, electric power, and pressure vessels. In addition to the fundamental characteristics of NDT, industrial endoscopy at this stage also Has the following characteristics:
1.The industrial video endoscope has a clear picture and vivid color. Thanks to the latest COMS camera module and high-brightness LED light source technology, it is possible to generate high-resolution, wide-angle, clear-cut images and accurately reproduce the actual situation of the detected target.
2.The brightness of the light source of industrial endoscope camera can be actively and intelligently adjusted. When the object to be inspected is a metal material, it is possible to avoid the detection operation and the detection effect due to the reflection.
3. There are many selections for the lens size of industrial endoscope camera according to different environments.
4. Industrial endoscope camera combines portability, ruggedness and high performance. The operation is simple, light and portable, which can meet the high requirements of testing operations in various industrial applications.

In short, industrial endoscope camera, as an indispensable member of non-destructive testing, are now widely used because of their fundamental advantages and their own characteristics, which can be used for non-destructive testing without disassembling the equipment structure and without stopping the operation of the equipment,the detection tasks that human eye can not directly investigate. industrial endoscope camera has become one of the indispensable inspection items in industrial repair, electric power, pipeline and other occupations, also become an important skill method to lead the non-destructive testing market.