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Industrial endoscope borescope ‘s important role in safety welding

Time:2015-03-13 Views:140
Industrial endoscope borescope ‘s important role in safety welding

Welding is a common production process that plays an important role in modern production processes, such as in industrial of ships, bridges, and aircraft wings.

In the production of welding, due to improper structural design, raw materials do not meet the requirements or other reasons, the gaps in the solder produce various defects, such as pores, unfused, undercuts and so on. These defects will not only affect product quality performance and life seriously, even can cripple people‘s lives.
Most of the reasons for the collapse of the common building structure are also caused by poor welding. Then industrial endoscope borescope can help us solve this problem of poor soldering. Through the industrial endoscopy, the defects in the welding can be detected, and the recording can be performed while detecting, and can also be photographed. After connecting the computer, we can focus on analyzing the cause, location and state of the welding defect, and solve the existing problem in time. Therefore, industrial endoscopes have become one of the indispensable non-destructive testing tools for quality control in welding processes.

The birth of Nuohengxing industrial endoscope camera provides an effective and reliable testing equipment for our safety production inspection. Through the Industrial borescope, we can extend the field of detectors’ vision and conduct key investigations on important parts, so that safety production comes truth. When you check the point, you never missed any corner with the industrial endoscope.

NUOHENGXING series industrial endoscope is a portable and easy-to-use, 360-degree arbitrarily oriented industrial video endoscope that has been carefully researched and designed by Nuo Heng Xing engineers. It has absorbed domestic and international advanced endoscope manufacturing technology, and adopts integrated design, light and portable, 2.8 inch LCD high-brightness liquid crystal display, high-definition image sensing technology, clearer image, can take pictures and video. Probe and protective device can anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, meet IP67 requirements, suitable for harsh environments, the life of  rechargeable 2600mAh battery is more durable.

Nuo Heng Xing Industrial Endoscope borescope, with good advanced technology and quality assurance, the products are exported to the Americas, Europe and other developed countries. Endoscope is trustworthy. For more information about Nuo Heng Xing, please refer to the website www.nuohengx.com.  welcome consultation by email and calling.