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Industrial endoscope and medical endoscope’s difference

Time:2014-11-13 Views:126
Industrial endoscope and medical endoscope’s difference

Endoscopes can be easily classified into industrial endoscope camera and medical endoscope camera.

Industrial endoscope

Medical endoscope

The electronic video endoscopic system uses video imaging, and the definition is greatly improved. At the same time, the viewing distance is increased, the endoscopic probe is smaller, so that the operation flexibility of endoscope camera is improved. Compared with electronic video endoscopes for medical examinations, industrial electronic video endoscopes are now widely used in some countries. Various instrument inspections, pipeline maintenance, and machine maintenance require professional video endoscope camera to assist. The powerful features and comprehensive product quality of the endoscope camera are derived from the development and advancement of endoscopic materials technology.

With the development of computer technology, researchers have gradually combined traditional endoscopic techniques to develop many new endoscopic technology products, which are usually composed of hardware systems and software systems: hardware systems complete the collection of endoscopy images and observation function; the software system completes the analysis, processing and measurement of endoscopy images and is applying to the medical field.

The new video endoscope system uses video imaging, the endoscopic probe is smaller and more flexible. More importantly, they are not limited to observation-visual inspection, but also can perform three-dimensional measurement of the target area, thus improved the defects of traditional endoscopic techniques.

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