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How do handheld industrial endoscope camera meet the testing needs in various industries?

Time:2016-04-12 Views:195

How do handheld industrial endoscope camera meet the testing needs in various industries?
Industrial endoscope camera is a multidisciplinary and universal tool. Its function is to be able to probe deeply in the curved pipeline, to observe the parts that cannot be directly seen, to observe the internal spatial structure and state, to do long-distance observation and operation. It is a new non-destructive testing instrument for quality inspection, detection and analysis. NUOHENGX‘s handheld endoscope, its high-definition megapixel camera ensures clear and realistic picture; high-brightness LED illumination source, high-definition picture, wide  observation quality, the operator‘s work intensity is reduced, and achieve the functions of storing and recording images . It is more convenient to archive and analyze the files, which greatly exclude the security risks in the germination stage.
At present, industrial endoscope camera have been widely used in many fields, not only for safety inspection, maintenance and material inspection in aviation, aerospace, civil aviation, energy, electric power, petrochemical and other industries, but also for safety inspection, technology research and development and quality appraisal of automobiles,ships, machinery manufacturing, fine chemicals and other industries.
NUOHENGX Hand-held Industrial borescope meet the testing needs of various industries.
Petroleum, chemical and pressure vessel industries
The endoscope detects and inspects internal defects such as storage tanks, heat ex-changers, spherical tankers in petroleum refineries, pipeline facilities in the chemical industry, containers, cylinders and pipelines of special inspection laboratories and pressure vessel production units. Inspection techniques has been widely used in industrial condenser tubes, internal inspection of compressors, heat ex-changer tubes, inspection of welds, wall deposition, corrosion of pharmaceuticals, food stainless steel pipes and cracks, overheating inspection and inspection of leaks, plating tubes , ring weld inspection .At the same time, there is no need to disassemble the equipment during the inspection process, which is a very cost-effective inspection solution.
Automotive field Endoscope camera are widely used in the automobile production and maintenance industries. They are mainly used to detect and diagnose wear, carbon deposits, blockages, etc. of automobile engines, cylinders, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, engines, gear boxes, etc., and improved efficiency of work,reduced the cost of repairs, at the same time, it avoided damage caused by multiple dis-assembly of the parts. In the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines, endoscope cameras are also essential daily tools. At the same time, it is simple, flexible, compact and easy to carry. The soft, small and flexible insertion tube can reach any hidden part.

Nuclear power, wind power, hydro-power and power construction Inspection cameras are used in various power plants/electric construction units to inspect critical equipment such as turbines, pipes, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat ex-changers, valves, pressure vessels, and other equipment for defect detection and condition monitoring. 

Inspection of construction and engineering pipelines
Construction works are used to check the corrosion and dirt of steel pipes, internal diagnosis of walls, rusting of steel bars, cracks in bridge joints, etc. It can also be used for observation of empty hole inside the tunnel, architectural models, diagnosis of corrosion and blockage of tap water pipes .