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Endoscope camera will help you clean air conditioner

Time:2014-06-26 Views:126
Endoscope camera will help you clean air conditioner

Summer is coming, while there are six months in some countries in the summer each year , the weather is over 30 degree and is very hot every day.
Let us feel the momentum of the heat wave. So one equipment is a Necessary weapon. That is air conditioning must be on!

But after using some time, why there is smell of the wind blown out from the air conditioner?

We know that a large amount of dust is damp easily, which causes mold fungus to grow, and it also causes the filter to clog, forming secondary pollution inside the air conditioner, and even producing odor, polluting indoor fresh air, and also affecting the life of the air conditioner, increasing the workload of the compressor. Increase power consumption.

Then what we can do then? It must be endoscope camera, borescope. You can take out the secret weapon - industrial endoscope camera to detect and inspect, you will know if there is no dust inside or not! As it can be seen from the video taken from the endoscope, the dust of the air conditioner is enough to raise a bunch of parasite babies. Do washing right now!

NUOHX endoscope tools NH708, it is an endoscope camera which is super easy to use! It can also be used to detect carbon deposits in cars!
Tool endoscopes are also widely used to look at defects and even to find things which you can not see directly. More new areas, waiting for you to open your mind to find out!

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