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Endoscope camera maintenance ---How to maintain the camera or probe of industrial endoscope

Time:2015-05-05 Views:123

1. When using industrial endoscope camera, avoid frequent power on and off. Otherwise, the LCD tube is damaged easily and the life of the probe or camera is shortened.
2. Do not use a plastic cover endoscope camera probe. When using, the tip shield or the cover cloth should be opened fully for heat dissipation.
3, Endoscopic probes avoid defective work. If the probe image is found to be flickering, the brightness will be brighter and a white retrace horizontal line will appear. Ozone smell or internal ignition or abnormal sound will be generated inside the endoscope camera. It should be stopped working immediately and repair in time.
4. Do not place the endoscope camera liquid crystal probe near a heat source or direct sunlight to avoid to accelerate aging.
5.Do not leave the endoscope camera liquid crystal probe for a long time, especially in spring and summer, it is best to open several times a week to avoid the insulation performance of electronic components due to moisture.
6. Industrial endoscope camera probes is easy to be interfered in magnetic field. Endoscope camera cannot be placed with other electrical appliances together.
7. Industrial endoscope liquid crystal probes are easy to absorb dust particularly, so they should be placed in a clean and well ventilated environment.
8. Do not let the industrial endoscope camera liquid crystal probe work in the standby state for a long time, please turn off the power supply if don’t use it.
9.Do not scratch or hit the display of endoscope camera with hard objects, because the surface of the endoscope camera liquid crystal display is a polarizing film. If you use a pen or a hard object to scratch, it is easy to scratch the polarizing film and affect the display effect.
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