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Endoscope camera Choice ---How to choose an industrial endoscope

Time:2015-05-06 Views:123
---How to choose an industrial endoscope
First, endoscopes include automobile endoscope camera, electronic endoscope camera, industrial endoscopes, and pipe endoscopes, and many others. It involves many fields. There are many endoscope manufacturers and the quality is uneven.
According to the ways of using, it can be roughly divided into: desktop endoscope camera and hand-held portable endoscope camera.
According to the probe tube material,it can be divided into: Rigid tube endoscopy and soft cable endoscopy.
According to the imaging form, it is divided into: optical endoscope, fiber endoscope, electronic endoscope, and the like.
Due to the variety of endoscope cameras, the scope of application of different types of endoscopes is different. When considering the position and requirements of the products tested by your company, we should consider the technical indicators such as the diameter, length, visual direction and focal length of the endoscopic probe etc. However, due to the complex environment of the endoscope camera, it is necessary to consider its waterproof, oil-proof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant function.
Generally, to complex products detected, it is often required to use a plurality of types of endoscope camera.
Usually, Straight mirror is easy to use, durable, and has good imaging effect. It does not need to be bent. The product with detection range of less than 500mm is suitable for the detection of straight endoscope. The video mirror has many functions, flexible, high reliability and wide applicability. It is suitable for various products with complex internal structures or where quantitative detection and comparison analysis are required.
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