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Endoscope Camera using precautions and problems

Time:2015-04-16 Views:58
  Endoscope Camera using precautions and problems

Endoscope camera is a precision instrument, and there are many points need to pay attention to during using:
1. Handle lightly when taking the endoscope, and hold the back end of the curved part to prevent the endoscope camera from bending and falling off.

2. The fine endoscope camera cannot be placed with other instruments together, and it also can not place any objects on the endoscope to prevent the endoscope insertion tube from being bent, twisted, so that it can not be inserted into the sheath and damaged.

3.Store the endoscope with a special instrument box, which should be kept by a special person and stored in a special cabinet.

4. In case the endoscope falls down to the ground accidentally, the battery should be installed immediately, to observe through the eyepiece to check whether it is damaged. If the endoscope was damaged, it should be sent to the relevant department for inspection.

There are some problems encountered when using an endoscope camera for testing, such as cracks, peeling, pulling and scratching, pit bumps, spots, and the like.

When the beam illuminates the surface of the object to be detected, a black or bright line is observed, and at a certain magnification, the line has an irregular edge, and it is judged to be a crack. When the crack is wide, the measurement influence line of the measurable probe will be bent.

When the beams were irradiated in parallel: a shadow was observed behind the convex portion; when the beam irradiation angle was changed, an obvious boundary line between the convex portion of the surface and the surrounding object was observed, and it was judged as peeling.

Under the illumination of the beam: the observation surface has a regular continuous long line, which can be Judged as a pull line.

When the beam is illuminated at an angle: it is connected to the boundary of the surrounding object without a dividing line. The part near the light source has a shadow, and there is a bright shadow from the light source, it is a pit.
When the pit is deep or the protrusion is high,the measuring line of the measurable probe will be bent.

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